I’ve always been fascinated about the combination of music and moving images. How the sum can be so much more than the individual parts. 
Growing up in the 90s, I experienced first hand how important this link was to create big feelings. Music videos were the new big art form and the good ones were enhancing the mood of whatever song they were made for. The same was true for sports movies of the time: A good skateboarding movie would always have a killer soundtrack you would listen to with your friends while hanging out.
It took me a while to understand that this process could be reversed and you could write music for a movie. That you could show a scene with two different scores and create opposite emotions, like suspense or relief for example.
Video content has become the main medium for a while now. And most creators underestimate the power of custom written music for their content. Sure, it’s not always needed. But if you want to convey the right emotions in your viewer, stock music just won’t cut it. And that is precisely where I come i:. Helping you to the soundscape that’s right for your message and make the most out of your video.
So far, I’ve worked with brands like Nitro Snowboards, Salomon, Pinkstinks and Viva Con Agua, production companies like Red Bull Media House, 27km and Golden Fox and independent film makers like Karsten Boysen and Pirmin Juffinger.
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